About Me

CAP is simply the acronym of my name (C)laudio (A)ntonio (P)errino

started cultivating this passion in 2012. My aim is to capture meaningful moments, to fix them in memory and time. I like to artistically eleborate your emotions because every love story is different and I firmly believe that every wedding should be unique and unforgettable for you. A talented team will follow you from the very beginning until the end of your special day in order to photograph your important moments and help you to keep them for the rest of your life.

The staff of Cap71043 will be happy to listen to your needs and make your dreams come true. With its immense professionalism and deep dedication, it will listen to your needs and ensure that your photo shoot can fully represent you.

From the very first meeting with Cap71043, you will feel deep support from undisputed professionals in the field. With great inventiveness and their artistic flair, they will enhance the beautiful moments of your day and make them indelible in time.


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