Ioana & Angelo

Ioana & Angelo

In the enchanting setting of Masseria San Nicola in Savelletri, on September 24, 2022, Ioana and Angelo united their lives in a charming wedding, celebrated among the typical olive trees of beautiful Puglia. The magical atmosphere and the enchantment of nature framed an unforgettable day for the couple and their loved ones.

The outdoor ceremony saw Ioana and Angelo exchanging vows of eternal love surrounded by the beauty of centuries-old olive trees, symbolizing peace and longevity. The eyes of the guests filled with emotion as the couple pronounced their vows, promising each other love, support, and understanding for a lifetime.

After the touching ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests kicked off an unforgettable celebration. Masseria San Nicola transformed into a stage of joy, with dancers moving gracefully to the rhythm of music and singers making the atmosphere even more vibrant.

The tables adorned with local delicacies delighted the attendees with the authentic flavors of Puglian cuisine, while the soft lights of the decorations created a romantic and suggestive atmosphere. The newlyweds started the inaugural dance, surrounded by the affection and applause of their friends and family, while the dance floor filled with energy and joy.

The love and happiness of Ioana and Angelo infected all the guests, turning their wedding into a memorable event, full of joy and carefreeness. Among smiles, hugs, and moments of sharing, the day passed in the name of love and gratitude for the special bond that unites two kindred souls.

And so, as the sun set in the background, marking the end of an unforgettable day, Ioana and Angelo began their journey together, aware that their love will continue to grow and thrive, like the olive trees that witnessed their most beautiful day.


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